Coming Soon

These exciting shows are coming to the gallery soon!  Watch for details of our gallery openings for opportunities to meet the artists!

“THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS” by Nancy Dearborn  - glass sculptures

February 6 - March 21 2020

“THE JOURNEY” by Pauline Hurley  - large semi abstract paintings


“BLIND CONTOUR HOMAGE: A CELEBRATION OF CANADIAN FEMALE ARTISTS” by Marlene Lowden – paintings from contour drawings inspired by women artists


"A MARK A DAY” by Lois Yeast  - repurposed sketchbooks and paintings

July 2 - August 15

“TBA” (tie-in show with Ryga Festival) - the committee will be working with the Ryga Festival to set up an interactive show later this month

August 21 - September 26

“EXPLORING FUSIONS IN WAX” by members of the Canwax West Collective – encaustic works

October 1 - November 14